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Connection of the most important production and processing locations of the paper and pulp industry - punctual and reliable.

Stapler verlädt Papierrolle in Railport


Your advantages:

  • DBpaper-solution connects the most important production and processing locations in the industry
  • Defined transport chain (reliable transit time and transport monitoring)
  • Customization by adding optional services such as factory logistics, warehousing and door-to-door solutions
  • High demands on equipment and transport reliability
  • Intensive support and proactive customer information from the Pulp & Paper industry team
  • Regular quality report


The industry solution in a nutshell:
Network tailored to the steel recycling industry with heavy-duty freight wagons and innovative logistics services.


Your benefits:

  • Transport management across Europe in line with demand
  • Heavy-duty freight wagons for greater safety and reliability
  • Solutions tailored to customers developed by industry experts
  • Transparency and straightforward processes using our internet-based customer portal


The industry solution in a nutshell:
customer-focused logistics solutions for the sustainable transport of timber products by rail

Rohholz-Baumstämme werden mittels Kran verladen


Your benefits:

  • Existing closely meshed network within Europe
  • Small to medium volumes for single wagonload transport
  • Customised block train solutions
  • The corridors are undergoing continuous improvement
  • Management of European traffic via a central dispatching unit
  • Use of railport logistics for pellets and sawn timber

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