Block trains


Block trains

Short lead times

A block train is a dedicated and direct train for one customer, from point A to point B. This means that lead times are kept short. These trains have a high capacity in terms of length and volume.

Usually this involves the transport of large quantities of cars, coal, steel, chemicals, building materials, etc.

DB Cargo Belgium runs block trains between Belgium and neighbouring countries, mainly on the Aachen-West Corridor to Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, UK and Romania.

 Your two solution options for block train transport

  • DBplantrain –   Profitability with vision: Regular transport of large volumes on fixed connections on fixed operating days and at fixed times. Plan transport requirements a   long time in advance
  • DBflextrain –   The last-minute block train: Short-term determination of transport volumes, connections and operating times. Greatest possible ordering flexibility

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Find your best connection


The freight timetable gives you connection information quickly and simply. The overview of the range of single wagon system services simplifies the planning of your transport.

Use our online freight timetable and its many functions, such as:

- Display of departure, arrival and journey times

- Information on route classes

- Additional information, such as. environmental balance

- Area maps and overview maps for the dispatch and receiving railway stations



Get a quick overview of DB Cargo's international rail freight services


Get a quick overview of DB Cargo's international rail freight services.
Here you can take a look at a graphical representation of our most important products, divided into four categories:

- Networks: across Europe and as far as Asia

- Shuttles: fast, high-frequency direct connection

- Industry solutions: our special products, e.g. for transporting chemicals or steel

- Fast corridors: regular links between European industrial centres

The graphical representation shows the freight stations, multimodal terminals, hubs and ports, the locations of the DB Cargo national companies as well as product details, running times and contact details.

You can request an individual offer for your transport requirement by clicking on the "Search connection" button. Simply select your departure and destination stations and send the request directly to our customer service.


Rail Access

Find the right access points to the rail network

Rail Access

You can execute multimodal transport across Europe even without sidings. You will find suitable access points to the rail network here.

As shipping agents without your own sidings, you rely on a dense network of transfer points from the road to the rails.

DB Cargo offers this network – and conceivably facilitates access for you.

The "Multimodal track access" online tool gives an overview of available loading points, local additional logistics services and further equipment characteristics.

Maps visualise the track access points. These can be filtered according to region and location type (free-loading siding, railport and CT terminal).

You are welcome to address any questions or suggestions in connection with loading points to the contact persons listed on the right.